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December 22, 2016


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Crystal & Michael’s wedding day was so different from the typical wedding days I photograph. It was in December a week before Christmas, which was a first for me! It was an intimate affair, with only about 50 guests. There was no Bridal Party other then their adorable nieces and nephews and Crystal’s sons, who are no Michael’s sons too! It was a short and simple day – like I said, NOTHING like what I’m used to. But that’s what made their day so wonderful and special. It was a wedding I felt HONORED to have captured and I’m absolutely in love with their wedding day πŸ™‚

Crystal’s Bridal fashion is swoon worthy! She’s a girl who loves vintage and all things classic and she pulled that look off PERFECTLY in her Bridal beauty! I mean… her blush wedding dress (from Anthropologie! Stunning!!) . I was just in LOVE with it! But not just that – the pearls, the satin gloves. It all tied together beautifully. Though the plan originally for their wedding day was for them not to see each other until the ceremony, the morning of the wedding they decided they wanted to spend as much time together and do a twist on a First Look πŸ™‚ They thought they through me for a loop when they texted me that a half hour before I arrived but the minute I got that text, I was ecstatic! This is just the way they should be spending their wedding day – with as much time together as possible! And they did! They spent the morning in their Bridal suite just them and her handsome sons, Aiden & Renny. She kept all of her bridal details hidden from Michael and got dressed in the other room (with my help! lol I was the stand-in maid of honor for the day and I loved it!!) and their First Look was when he walked into the bedroom and saw Crystal, head to toe looking like a gorgeous Bride! It was so fun to see them hug and kiss and then Michael just couldn’t stop staring at her! Just the sweetest.

They fully embraced that their wedding day was a week from Christmas! We took photos all around the inside of The Bernards Inn – which by the way is a hidden GEM of a wedding venue! So quaint but so beautiful. We took photos in front of the cozy fireplace (which was perfect since it was a rainy, miserable day outside!) and in the lobby by the luscious Christmas tree. And all throughout their reception were adorable Christmas details. Guests went home with their favors, a copy of “A Christmas Carol”. Tall tapered candles and pine cones scattered on the tables, three Christmas trees which were the perfect backdrop for their ceremony (there is nothing better than the smell of a Christmas tree, I swear!) and even SNOW during their first dance. It was all so magical and memorable! My favorite moment was when Crystal decided to read a poem to the guests, in lieu of a speech, to her new husband. My favorite line reads “Today it is heaped at your feet, it has found its end in you. The love of all man’s days both past and forever“. How true that is and I’m just so happy for the both of them and this new beginning they embark on together πŸ™‚ Congratulations Michael & Crystal on such a wonderful beginning for you both!! Enjoy my favorite images from their wedding day πŸ™‚

the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1827 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1828 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1829 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1830 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1831 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1832 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1833 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1834 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1835 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1836 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1837 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1838 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1839 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1840 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1841 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1842 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1843 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1844 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1845 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1846 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1847 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1848 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1849 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1850 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1851 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1852 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1853 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1854 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1855 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1856 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1857 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1858 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1859 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1860 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1861 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1862 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1863 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1864 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1865 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1866 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1867 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1868 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1869 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1870 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1871 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1872 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1873 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1874 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1875 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1876 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1877 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1878 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1879 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1880 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1881 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1882 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1883 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1884 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1885 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1886 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1887 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1888 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1889 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1890 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1891 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1892 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1893 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1894 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1895 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1896 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1897 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1898 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1899 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1900 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1901 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1902 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1903 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1904 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1905 the-bernards-inn-wedding-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1906


Venue – Bernards Inn | DJ – SCE Event Group | Flowers – Made by the Bride! | Bride’s Dress – BHLDN | Bride’s Shoes – Modcloth | Invitations – Wedding Paper Divas | Groom & Groomsmen Suits – Jos. A Bank | Bride’s Earrings – Francescas | Bride’s Pearls – Something Borrowed | Hair & Makeup – Believe Beauty Co. | Favors – Book-Pal

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