First Christmas in our New Home!


December 23, 2016


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It’s so crazy that it’s already been 8 months that we’ve been in our new home! It’s been such a blessing already and we have loved having this space to call our own 🙂 Every day I thank God for getting us to this point in our lives and never take this for granted. We’ve made a few easy changes here and there, like replacing all the doorknobs and painting the mantel white, but we have BIG and exciting plans for our home in the New Year!! Ahhh I can’t wait to share more of that soon! For now though, I’m sharing a look at our new home all dressed up for the Holidays!

I’ve been sharing a look at our Christmas decor for a few years now on the blog but this year is obviously my favorite!! The past 3 years we celebrated in our old apartment and while it holds a lot of great memories, there’s really nothing like having more room in this house for everything. Our style has changed a lot too! Our old couch was a bit more modern looking, darker and with vibrant colorful pillows on them. We’ve since done everything to be a lot less muted and honestly, it feels more “grown up” and we LOVE our living room now! We actually just got our loveseat and coffee table so the space feels so much more full now 🙂 Our Christmas decor has changed a bit too. When we first moved in together all the way back in 2008 we decided we would do lots of traditional red and green decorating but this year, we mixed it up and added a TON of gold into the mix and we love love LOVE how it all looks!

This will be the first year we will be hosting Christmas at our house – we’ve always done it at my moms but this year we decided to take on all the cooking and entertaining. I don’t mind it one bit. You guys, I LOVE to entertain and holidays and if I could I would host every single Holiday at my house. (Though I’m already getting ready to host our annual Super Bowl party in February!!) So this year the dining room is all set up, the bar is stocked and we are ready to host Christmas dinner!! It’s going to be such a special Christmas and there’s no better way to kick off the weekend then with a look at our home!


our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1909 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1910

“Balsam & Cedar” from Yankee Candle is my all-time favorite candle for Christmas. It burns every year all December long in our home 🙂our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1911 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1912 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1913 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1914

All our Christmas vinyls are in the front, including my Dad’s Elvis Christmas album! 🙂 And one of my most cherished items is the Santa Needlepoint below my mom made. I remember my mom worked on that for YEARS when I was little and it was my absolute favorite. When Jose and I moved in together in 2008, she gifted it to me in a frame for Christmas and I’ve put it out every year since!our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1915 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1916 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1917 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1918

The table is set for Christmas dinner! All we need to is add plates, utensils and glassware 🙂 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1919 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1920 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1921

The stockings are my FAVORITE!! My stocking is always the LAST to be filled ::coughcough:: JOSE ::coughcough:: our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1922 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1923

I love Owls and have them as decor around our house all year long but they fit in so perfectly with our Christmas decor 🙂 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1924 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1925 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1926 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1927

I’m in LOVE with all of our wrapping paper this year!! We got them all at Marshalls!!our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1928

Of course I have to take my annual photos of my boys in front of the tree 🙂 This year instead of Christmas PJS, they wore these adorable winter sweaters we got them. And trust me – they aren’t as angry or miserable as they look. They were rewarded with treats for being so good and looking at the camera! our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1929 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1930

Hitchie forever has resting bitch face lol but don’t let that face fool you because he’s the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet! our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1931 our-house-at-christmas-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1932

And that’s it! From our home to yours, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!! 🙂



  1. Jenn says:


    You always had such great taste and an eye to put it all together. Hope you, Jose and both of your families had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year!!

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