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November 29, 2016


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal showcasing recent weddings and engagement sessions. Stay a while and say hello!

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I just LOVE Hoboken engagement sessions! Each and every time I’m photographing one of my gorgeous couples there, I’m always in a location I’ve never shot before and no two engagement sessions are ever the same. That’s just SO crazy to me since Hoboken is such a quaint little city! Amanda and Patrick live in Hoboken, met in Hoboken and got engaged in Hoboken – there was no where else more fitting for their engagement photos! It just HAD to be in Hoboken lol. We hit up all the spots of Hoboken that are meaningful to them and all the spots they’ve always loved and it was a blast!

The weather the day of their engagement session was nuts. It was unseasonably warm for a November day and at first, we thought they’d be sweating the whole time! But by the time we got to the waterfront and the sun had begun to set, it not only got chilly but WINDY and wow – it was so challenging. Yet, would you even know that if I didn’t tell you that?? NOPE! These two were incredible in front of the camera together and handled it like pros! Just constantly smiling and enjoying the moment together 🙂 Would you even know that Patrick was REALLY not into taking engagement photos to begin with? I mean, so much so that when we initially met for dinner and drinks in Hoboken he brought it up. But he also mentioned that whatever makes Amanda happy is what he’ll do 🙂 What a keeper, huh?? And their photos came out beautifully because of it! I just loved all the pops of color in their outfits mixed with the backdrops we used in the city behind them – LOVE this session!

Hoboken is a very popular engagement session location for my couples and yet, this was the first time ever I photographed a couple along the cobblestone streets of Court Street or in Columbus Park! Shooting from season to season changes a session as well – the leaves were on the ground and falling around them in the park (and now as I type this up, there are barely any leaves on the trees anymore!) Thankfully the late fall sunlight stayed with us just as we made our way to the waterfront overlooking New York City and I just love how these turned out!! Enjoy some of my favorites from Amanda & Patrick’s engagement photos 🙂

hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1762 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1763 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1764 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1765 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1766 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1767 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1768 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1769 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1770 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1824 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1771 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1772 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1774 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1773 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1775 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1779 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1776 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1777 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1778 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1780 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1781 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1782 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1783 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1784 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1785 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1786 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1787 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1788 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1789 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1790 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1791 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1792 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1793 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1794 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1795 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1796 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1797 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1798 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1799 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1800 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1801 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1802 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1803 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1804 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1805 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1806 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1807 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1808 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1809 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1810 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1811 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1812 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1814 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1813 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1815 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1816 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1817 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1818 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1819 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1820 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1821 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1822 hoboken-engagement-photos-tina-elizabeth-photography_1823





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