How we celebrate Valentines Day [Tina Elizabeth Photography Personal Post]


February 12, 2016


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I have always loved Valentines Day. I only celebrated my senior year with a boyfriend and actual “Valentine” but even before then, Valentines Day was always a favorite holiday of mine. I love seeing all the shades of reds, pinks and purples leading up to it and there is always a certain amount of joy in the air that day. I had a friend in high school that always wore black on Valentines Day and never understood why she let it bother her so much. Just because you don’t have someone doesn’t mean you should be miserable! There was one Valentines Day I remember being home with my mom and sister and we were snowed in so we decided to watch “An Affair to Remember“. You guys, if you have no plans for this Valentines Day… do yourself a favor and watch this movie! It’s on Netflix! GO! It’s one of the most romantic movies EVER. When the movie was over, I turned around all red faced and crying to find my mom and sister the exact same way and to this day, we laugh over what GIRLS we were in that moment! And because of that, to this day, nothing sounds better on Valentines Day to me than watching a romantic comedy or drama 🙂 Of course, once I found the love of my life… things changed a bit 😉


This year, it will be Jose’s and mine’s 10th Valentines Day celebrated together. WHAT!? Yup, we’ve known each other for 11 years and 10 out of those 11 years, we’ve celebrated Valentines Day together. Some have been memorable. Like our very first one together where we ate at Olive Garden in Times Square (I’m so ashamed of us) and than went to see Phantom of the Opera together. We weren’t even officially dating! lol we were each other’s Valentines and it was wonderful. Then of course one of the best was the year we spent Valentines week at Disney World! Valentines Day was spent at Magic Kingdom & we had our picture taken with Cinderella’s horse drawn carriage…  it truly was a magical day. But some of my favorite memories that have been the ones where we didn’t go crazy and over the top for Valentines Day… where we just enjoyed each others company. Like the time we went to Outback for dinner at 5pm (because we KNEW it’d be crazy later on) and ate dinner early, walked it off afterwards while window shopping and than went home and watched a romantic movie (Sleepless in Seattle is always my #1 choice on Valentines Day) or the time we went to dinner with friends on Valentines Day and it was so fun enjoying that day with another couple.


But my FAVORITE was the year we decided to do Valentines Day simply. We would just stay home, watch a movie (we watched Say Anything, another favorite of mine!) and made breakfast for dinner. We LOVED this so much that we’ve been doing Valentines Day this way ever since! It’s SO fun! We still buy each other cards and chocolates (we only allow $50 to spend!), buy champagne – at first for Mimosas with our breakfast-dinner than to just celebrate, and it is the BEST. It’s become so much fun for us to just be relaxed at home 🙂 It’s just what we like to do! I SO look forward to Valentines Day every year because of this and can’t wait to do it again this year! Since it’s on a Sunday we will probably go grab some coffee in the morning, do some window-shopping or walk the dogs during the day than watch a romantic comedy (this year, I’m thinking Notting Hill! We both have never seen it and we both LOVE Hugh Grant!) with our breakfast/dinner extravaganza! It’s going to be a blast 🙂 Whatever you do this year with your loved one… make it something that you BOTH love to enjoy together. You might be creating a tradition 😉 And I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! This post is filled with all of my favorite photos from all of our past Valentines Days in recent years 🙂


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