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A Peek Inside – My Home Office!

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April 25, 2016


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal showcasing recent weddings and engagement sessions. Stay a while and say hello!

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We just bought a house and I am just NOW sharing my home office in my apartment. That makes sense doesn’t it?? lol Well, better late then never! We’ve been living in our apartment for 3 years now and it has taken me 3 years to do this post! I thought up the idea of starting a photography business in our last apartment but THIS is the space that created the business and turned it from a dream into a reality. This office has gone through so many different changes over the years and it never felt right or finished, which is the REAL reason why I’ve never shared it. Until now. I LOVE decorating almost as much as I love photography (fun fact! I HEAVILY thought of majoring in Interior Design in college!) and want to finally share my little home office from our apartment in Belleville 🙂 I’m really excited to decorate my new office but wanted to remember my first space. Okay… now a peek into my office!


For client packaging, for gear, for paperwork, for notebooks (TONS of notebooks!) and everything else… it all needs it’s place and that’s what I love most about my office 🙂 How seriously ORGANIZED it is. You’ll notice there is boxes upon boxes and multiple filing cabinets to hold all my stuff lol. While I LOVE color, I knew I didn’t want to paint my walls bright mint green or pink (it originally was painted yellow and I changed that real quick!) I LOVE neutral wall colors and decorating everything else in the room to accent those walls and you’ll quickly see mint green is my accent color! Mint green boxes, mint green notebooks, mint green EVERYTHING. I love it 🙂 My favorite pop of color is my tassel garland I had custom made for me from Studio Mucci years ago! It has all the colors from my logo in it 🙂

2016-04-06_0003 2016-04-06_0004 2016-04-06_0005 2016-04-06_0006 2016-04-06_0007 2016-04-06_0008

Honestly – my least favorite part of my office is there’s only ONE tiny window and absolutely NO sunlight comes through it at any point of the day so it’s so dark. That’s also the BEST part of my new office… TWO large windows that will give me plenty of sunshine in my office 🙂 Other than that one tiny thing… I loved this office! Obviously I love all white everything lol which is funny because years ago when Jose and I moved in together, I was terrified of white furniture. Now I want everything white. White furniture, white picture frames, white trim. Love white! I also love my gallery wall! It has all my favorite things… motivational words, Disney prints, a photo of my parents, and some of my work 🙂 My favorite pieces are the vows Jose & I shared on our wedding day and a “piece of art” I had our Boston Terrier, Riddle, make when he was just a puppy. It was a gift for Jose and we still love it and cherish it! 2016-04-06_0009 2016-04-06_0010 2016-04-06_0011 2016-04-06_0012

I told you I love organization and these next pictures prove it. EVERYTHING has a spot… even the lovely thank you’s and save the date’s I receive from all my clients! It’s so fun having them all in one spot. Plus, all our camera bags have a spot (though unfortunately that brown & navy JoTotes bag JUST broke on me. Oh well, guess I need a new camera bag ;)) And the photos below these are the inside of my drawers. EVERY.THING has a spot. Okay now I’m afraid you think I’m crazy… I’m not! I’m just seriously organized.

2016-04-06_0013 2016-04-06_0014 2016-04-06_0015

And that’s it! It’s a tiny space but I love it 🙂 So excited for what the future holds with our new house but it’s been fun sharing photos of the office where it all started for me! 🙂

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I'm Tina and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal showcasing recent weddings and engagement sessions. Stay a while and say hello!

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