For the Bride: If it Rains on your Wedding Day!

For the Bride

February 29, 2016


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Here’s the unfortunate truth… we can prepare for EVERY possible scenario to go wrong on your wedding day but there is one thing that is 100% out of our hands and that is the weather. We can look at google maps and know that we can bypass traffic on Fridays, we can bring tide pens and know if a stain appears we can get it out but we just can’t tell mother nature to make it stop raining. And no Bride ever WANTS rain. So how do you handle this? Well the first thing to remember is it is totally out of your hands. Nothing anyone can do can change the fact that it might just rain on your wedding day. And when it looks like you will have a rainy wedding day, the #1 piece of advice I can give is to just embrace what is about to happen and keep smiling. Remember – rain is rain! THIS is your wedding day and while it sucks, we will make the best of the situation 🙂 This blog post is all about how we plan your day as best as possible to make sure we get the photos you want and need, even if it does rain!


We are a week out from your wedding day and suddenly RAIN pops up in the weather app on the day of your wedding. I always tell my Brides to keep an eye on it and if three days before your wedding day it’s still there, then we know we’re going to have rain. I’ve had some weddings where it called for rain all day and than it only rained at night or rained all morning and than cleared up just in time for pictures… and then I’ve had weddings where it down-poured all day long… but we didn’t change how we prepared for either time of day! The fact is we don’t know what exactly will happen until the day comes so remain positive that no matter what happens, it will be okay 🙂 You’re still going to get married!


The best thing I can tell you is to come prepared! If you absolutely want photos outside than we need to stock up on some umbrellas! I always suggest my Bride’s get the big, clear bubble umbrella‘s for both the Bride & Groom and the Bridal Party. Now… every single person in the Bridal Party does not need an umbrella or else that’s going to be a really tricky photo to take lol so I suggest get an umbrella for every guy! That way they can hold the umbrella over themselves and a bridesmaid (or two, if needed.) Make sure they are CLEAR so if they need to cover their faces, we can still see them! Also, bring along some rain boots! Even if you don’t want photos with rain boots on – this will be the better choice than wearing your gorgeous wedding day shoes in the rain so it’s always good to have. (Also – keep the tags and receipts so afterwards, if you don’t want the Bridal Party to take them as gifts, you can return them!)


Another thing I do with ALL of my couples is plan ahead! Two weeks before your wedding date, if I haven’t shot at your venue before, I like to do a site visit with my couples to see what spots they’d love for portraits on the day of their wedding. While we are walking around your venue inside and out, I am making mental notes of all the spots that will be good just in case we have to end up taking some of your portraits indoors. It’s never something my Bride’s and Groom’s want to discuss but it’s always good for us to have a plan so if it DOES rain, we know exactly what we’re going to do 🙂 I ALWAYS use this saying when discussing rain “Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised”. This could not be more true of a rainy forecast on your wedding day!

That’s the most important advice I can give you over and over again. DON’T let it damper your mood – you’re getting married!! Rain is Rain and if it happens, it happens! But we’ll still be there to do the best we can and give you the wedding photos you’ve dreamed of – no matter what! I hope this makes you feel better if there IS going to be rain on your wedding day and

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