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November 19, 2015


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It’s bittersweet to think this is the LAST engagement session I will be blogging this year! Where did the time go?? It’s okay because I couldn’t have asked for a better time with Rachel & Frank during their engagement session. It was so much fun! Besides the fact we were in a gorgeous location we just happened to find in a google search, these two are the funniest and sweetest. I had so much fun joking around with them as we walked through the gardens, taking SO many pictures on our phones of all the beautiful flowers, crazy trees that look like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book and wildlife we saw (you guys… we saw THREE snakes!! I almost had a heart attack but it was still fun!). Plus, they were sharing all the amazing details with me about their wedding next year. I don’t want to spoil the fun already but I am SO excited for their wedding day!! It’s going to be SO different from anything else we’ve done but remember their faces because it is going to be so EPIC!!

Rachel & Frank found us through one of our beautiful couples this year, Alex & Yuli! In fact – Frank was Alex’s best man and gave one of my heartfelt speeches I’ve ever heard a best man give. So sweet! And before they even settled on their venue, they knew they had to have us shoot their wedding day! They knew during Alex & Yuli’s day! lol So it was really exciting to hear from them a few days after their wedding and start talking about the vision they have for theirs! I love Rachel and Frank because they are SO sweet and fun together but also, so chill. That’s SO important! It’s important not to get stressed out about all the craziness during wedding planning and just relax and take it all in as it happens. Maybe it’s because they own a karate school and teach it themselves! Karate to me is all about leadership, perseverance and fearlessness and I feel like they are using that EXACT mindset while planning their wedding. Taking control of the day, making sure it matches all their dreams and hopes for it and not getting thrown by the change of plans that may come their way. Something is ALWAYS bound to happen during wedding planning and sure enough, almost immediately into their wedding plans they had to change venues but it’s okay! It sounds like it was meant to be because their new venue is so unique and special – I think it fits these two and their personalities to the tee 🙂 Ahh… can you tell I’m excited about this wedding?? I can’t help it!

I have SO many favorites from this session! We photographed Rachel & Frank at the beautiful Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown on a quiet Friday morning. Morning engagement sessions seriously are the best! There was no one there, we had the entire gardens to ourselves and it gave them the chance to just be themselves with each other! We were able to grab photos at all the amazing spots in these gardens and got photos with the last of the fall foliage surrounding them. And the sunlight was SO perfect, there is this magic glow around them in almost all of their photos. That just doesn’t happen! If they were uncomfortable or nervous in anyway… it really does not show in these photos! There were endless smiles and snuggles and I just know you are going to fall in love with Rachel & Frank after this session 🙂 This may have taken me a while to blog but I promise, it is SO worth the wait!! Enjoy my favorite images from Rachel & Frank’s beautiful fall engagement session! 🙂

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