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November 5, 2015


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JoeyAmyTEP-94Jose and I go way back with Joey. No, like WAY back. I mean, I’m pretty sure he knew us before we even had dogs! We met with Joey when we all worked in CVS and immediately, Jose and Joey became fast friends. They had the same humor  so were just constantly making jokes and laughing together. It would be easy to say that Joey brought out that happy side of Jose but honestly, Joey brings it out the laughter in everyone he meets. He always made me laugh as well and our family forever remembers him as the “crazy guy dancing” at our own wedding almost 5 years ago! When we heard that Joey had met Amy, we knew she was something special. She HAD to have the best sense of humor ever too! And when we heard they got engaged, we even more thrilled! As friends we were delighted. Then to be asked to photograph their wedding day? It was our biggest honor! NOTHING meant more to us than capturing their day as perfectly as we could. There were so many wonderfully personal details to their day and the most EXCITED Bridal Party we ever had (seriously, I don’t know HOW I actually got photos of them NOT talking or laughing together!) but what made the day SO enjoyable was just watching Amy & Joey together. So much love but more importantly, so much laughter!! They ended up having a GREAT wedding day and our only October wedding with NO rain. It was a little chilly but not ONCE was that a problem for these two. Amy just constantly kept saying how perfect a day it was… and it truly was!

There are SO many fantastic details scattered throughout Amy & Joey’s wedding day that we had so much fun highlighting through their photos. If you know Amy & Joey, you know a few things about them. They are HUGE New Jersey Devils fans and Joey even plays hockey! So of COURSE their favors were custom hockey pucks. My dad’s one and only favorite sport was Hockey so I LOVED seeing the hockey pucks. I used to love buying a new hockey puck at every game he took me to so this made me feel like a kid again. If you knew these two, you’d also know that Joey is a volunteer fireman – as is his own father and so many of their dear friends. In fact, Amy’s own brother (and one of my Groom’s next year!) even joined his town’s fire department after seeing how much Joey loved it. You’d also see these two are all about family. Family is KEY to them. So many of my favorite shots from their wedding day had their families involved. I mean, the photo of Amy & Joey with their own parents on either side of them kissing is one of my favorite photos EVER and I predict a lot of my Bride’s will be wanting to do that same pose at their own weddings! And the sweet Anniversary dance during their reception. This is one of my FAVORITE traditions at weddings and the couple that had been married the longest was Joey’s own Grandparents! 63 years! What a blessing and even more so that they were there to share in their joy with them 🙂 LOVED it. And of course I have to talk about my favorite detail… their AMAZING cake topper they had custom made for them! When Joey searched and searched for the exact cake topper he had in his mind and couldn’t find it anywhere, he decided it had to be custom made! They did such a great job making it – It looks JUST like them.

This wedding was SO much fun!! Amy & Joey chose the BEST people to be by their side in their Bridal Party – it was pretty crazy. Anytime they got on and off their party bus, you could hear them screaming from a mile away! And during Bridal Party portraits it really was impossible to get them to stop laughing with joy, I just shot my camera and prayed for the best! lol But with everyone having a permanent smile on their faces it turned out great! From the minute I showed up to Amy’s hotel room, everyone was in the best mood. The champagne was flowing (especially after Amy popped it open!) and everyone was in disbelief over what was about to happen as we made our way to the church. I just loved hearing Amy’s best friends from when they were 14 saying “you’re getting married!” Of course, once Amy walked down the aisle towards Joey… everyone turned to mush. The tears were rolling past the smiles. Even me! It is SO hard NOT to cry at every wedding but when it’s two people you call friends, it’s even harder!! These two are just so perfect together. When we left their wedding day, we just sat in the car for a while reliving it all and were just SO thankful and happy to have been there celebrating it with them and capturing it for them. We love these two and we KNOW you’ll love them too! Enjoy our favorite images from their gorgeous fall wedding day 🙂 Amy & Joey – CONGRATULATIONS!! Beyond happy and blessed to call you both friends and can’t wait to see the amazing life you continue to create together! Your new house and marriage are just beginning of all you can accomplish. Hope you love your photos!!

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Reception Venue: Paramount Country Club | DJ: Mikey B of POSH Entertainment | Florist: Bassett Flowers | Wedding Gown: Maggie Sottero from Bijou Bridal | Bridemaid’s Dresses: Bill Levkoff from Bijou Bridal | Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade | Cake Cutter: Kate Spade | Cake Baker: A little cake | Cake Topper: Custom made by Fun Deliver | Invitations: Minted | Groom’s Tuxedo: Biltmore Tuxedos | Favors: Howie’s Hockey Tape | Make-up: Julia Avato from 21 Salon | Hair: Lauren Soltys from 21 Salon

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