10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me! [tep personal post]


February 2, 2015


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal showcasing recent weddings and engagement sessions. Stay a while and say hello!

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Could this be considered a cop-out of a post? It could. Or it could be a great way of getting to know ME! Your wedding photographer… or even your FUTURE wedding photographer. We will talk a lot in emails, LIKE each other’s posts on Instagram and Facebook and of course I’ll be there photographing you on your wedding day but maybe you feel you might need to know me better? Fear no more! (did you fear in the first place??) Here’s a post filled with 10 things you did not know about me 🙂

1. I am not interested AT ALL in ever going camping. I’ve never gone and I’m pretty sure I never will.

2. 13 is not only my birth date but my lucky number. If there are 15 tables at a wedding… I will ALWAYS photograph #13.

3. I have a teddy bear I’ve had since birth and his name is Pooh-Pooh 🙂 He is always sitting on our bed. Recently Jose gave me a Pooh-Pooh Dopleganger! (the SAME exact bear except nice and fluffy and not aged 29 years like Pooh-Pooh.) I have since named the second bear Pooh-Pa and they BOTH now sit on our bed together 🙂 Don’t worry – Pooh-Pa will be passed down to our first born! But Pooh-Pooh will always be mine. I’ve told my loved ones I want to be buried with Pooh-Pooh lol is that morbid enough for you?

4. I am always cold. Always. Even in the summer I sometimes find myself turning the heat on and warming up my feet in flip flops. I would rather sweat a ton than be freezing.

5. When I was a little girl, I auditioned for an Animated Movie lol. My aunt worked for a film company and they needed a girl to voice the main character for “Linea in Monet’s Garden“, a movie based on the book about a little girl traveling to visit the artist Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. I didn’t get the role but it sparked a real love for Monet and I still own the book AND video of the movie I auditioned for!

6. I absolutely love Claude Monet 🙂 Anytime we are in an art museum I visit the impressionist wing to see Monet and hope to one day visit his real garden in Giverny!

7. I collect Snow globes. I have a few out in our Apartment now but many more tucked away in our storage. Once we get a house, they will be pulled out and all be displayed together. I can’t wait to see them all together again.

8. Before I had my two dogs, I’ve had nothing but CATS my whole life (4) and truly consider myself a cat person. I love cats & their crazy nutty personalities so much (especially mine of course!).

9. I prefer Sour Candy over chocolate any day! I do like chocolate but I really love nothing more than Sour Patch Kids and Sour Punch Bites! (ESPECIALLY the cherry ones. Cherry is always my favorite flavor!)

10. If Mac N Cheese is on the menu.. I WILL order Mac N Cheese. It is my favorite dish of all time and I love to try it every where! 🙂


I had fun with this post and hope you did too 🙂 Let me know if you liked it too in the comments below! And even better – tell ME something about YOU! 🙂

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I'm Tina and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal showcasing recent weddings and engagement sessions. Stay a while and say hello!

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