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November 4, 2014


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I think of part of me has prolonged blogging Jackie & Matt’s wedding because I didn’t want the fun to end. I LOVE this couple and their wedding so much and reliving their wedding day over and over again was just too fun! It is always bittersweet to shoot a wedding day… it’s always so fun and I’m having the best time and than at the end of the night when we pack and leave, it hits me that my communication with the bride will be a lot more minimal now and our talk of their wedding ends. But it’s always so exciting to see a marriage be made afterwards and these two? Oh I am SO happy for them! Jackie & Matt were my very first couple to book me when I changed mine and Jose’s business to just mine. Jose still came to my meeting with them and we just connected with them INSTANTLY. When we shot their Engagement Session, we were even MORE excited for their wedding day! They are two people that love to laugh at each other, have nothing but FUN together and we knew this was going to be a FUN wedding day. I already fell in love with Jackie and Matt and what I wasn’t expecting was to fall in love with EVERYONE else that was apart of their wedding day. I don’t think I’ve ever bonded so greatly with both of the parents AND the bridal party so much. This was a Bridal Party that was SO excited for their bride and groom, they were up for taking a MILLION pictures. They weren’t so concerned with getting inside, taking off their shoes and relaxing… they wanted to be there for Jackie and Matt, soak up the day and really ENJOY themselves. That’s what stood out to me…everyone was just ready to celebrate and PARTY!

Jackie told me a few weeks before her wedding she was going crazy finalizing all their little details for their cocktail hour and reception that she herself was putting together and all her hard work paid off! I was in LOVE with all their beautiful details that tied in perfectly to their fall wedding day from the tables named after types of trees (and the dorm names from their college!) to the REAL tree stump carved to become a card holder! WHAT!? Yes! The escort cards to the the hot apple cider that greeted their guests into cocktail hour… everything set the tone for the PERFECT fall day it was. To think we woke up with it FREEZING cold and raining. It ended up becoming a beautiful warm fall day and I was so happy it ended up being the perfect wedding day they wanted! I have to warn you, this may be the longest blog post of the year! We took so many pictures and there are so many great ones to share so I hope you LOVE it as much as Jose and I do!! 🙂



I love Jackie & Matt’s rings, mostly because it reminded me so much of Jose and mines! 🙂

2014-10-31_0004 2014-10-31_0005


Because why NOT jump on the bed before you get married!? 🙂

2014-10-31_0006 2014-10-31_0007

What a beautiful group of girls SO excited and happy for their bride 🙂

2014-10-31_0008 2014-10-31_0009 2014-10-31_0010 2014-10-31_0011

Loved seeing their sweet reactions to Jackie turning around and unveiling her gorgeous look, all put together!

2014-10-31_0012 2014-10-31_0013

Meanwhile… Jose and the guys were having a LOT of fun!

2014-10-31_0014 2014-10-31_0015 2014-10-31_0016

The church they got married was so quaint and adorable! I loved how small and intimate it felt 🙂


Was Matt nervous?? Not at all… him and his brothers were in GREAT spirits before the ceremony! lol

2014-10-31_0018 2014-10-31_0019 2014-10-31_0020

What an entrance!

2014-10-31_0021 2014-10-31_0022 2014-10-31_0023 2014-10-31_0024 2014-10-31_0025

They were SO excited, if you can’t tell! lol

2014-10-31_0026 2014-10-31_0027 2014-10-31_0028

I’ve never seen a bubble exit like this! SO MANY BUBBLES!! It was so beautiful!

2014-10-31_0029 2014-10-31_0030

We were then off to the Indian Trail Club for their portriats and the grounds made for the PERFECT backdrop!


If you can’t tell, this was a FUN group of guys!


And a gorgeous group of girls! That shade was the perfect color on each and every girl!


WARNING: LOTS of beautiful bouquet shots! With bouquets this lush and beautiful, I of course shot them like CRAZY!

2014-10-31_0034 2014-10-31_0035 2014-10-31_0036 2014-10-31_0037 2014-10-31_0038



This was a shot Matt requested… needless to say, we were all DYING! lol

2014-10-31_0040 2014-10-31_0041

I think I might frame this one in my office… just PERFECT!


Everyone saw that video of the bridal party falling into the lake when the dock collapsed under them?? Well… let’s just say I got them on and off this deck so QUICK to make sure that didn’t happen but it was still worth it!!

2014-10-31_0043 2014-10-31_0044 2014-10-31_0045

2014-10-31_0046 2014-10-31_0047

Excited to finally be Husband and Wife!!

2014-10-31_0048 2014-10-31_0049

The sun showed itself while we were on the dock and gave us the PERFECT glow!


2014-10-31_0051 2014-10-31_0052

WHOO! Work it Jackie! STUNNING!

2014-10-31_0053 2014-10-31_0054 2014-10-31_0055 2014-10-31_0056

Love when a Bride wants to get on a swing IN A DRESS AND HEELS! 🙂


That GLOW!! It was so PERFECT!!

2014-10-31_0058 2014-10-31_0059 2014-10-31_0060 2014-10-31_0061 2014-10-31_0062


Jackie & Matt enjoyed their cocktail hour and guests while Jose and I made our way inside and took in the simple but beautiful reception room!


LOVED the centerpieces wrapped in burlap! What a simple but great detail

2014-10-31_0064 2014-10-31_0065

2014-10-31_0066 2014-10-31_0067 2014-10-31_0068 2014-10-31_0069  2014-10-31_0071


This is Jackie & Matt’s “signature pose” and it was so fun to see the cake topper like that… of course, with a football! lol


The bridal party entrances were awesome! Football themed of course 🙂

2014-10-31_0073 2014-10-31_0074

ENTERING THE PARTY AS HUSBAND AND WIFE!! Jose and I loved that they came out to “I believe in a thing called love” from the Darkness… only one of our favorites to belt out together! lol if only you saw the look we gave each other!

2014-10-31_0075 2014-10-31_0076 2014-10-31_0077

LOVE this photo of Matt’s sweet parents watching their first dance 🙂

2014-10-31_0078 2014-10-31_0079 2014-10-31_0080 2014-10-31_0081 2014-10-31_0082 2014-10-31_0083

LOVED the toasts! The girls were so sweet with theirs… lots of happy tears 🙂


And the guys?? Well, it was absolutely hands down one of the BEST best man (men) toasts EVER! They had us all HYSTERICALLY LAUGHING!!

2014-10-31_0085 2014-10-31_0086 2014-10-31_0087

After toasts, it was PARTY TIME!!

2014-10-31_0088 2014-10-31_0089 2014-10-31_0090 2014-10-31_0091

2014-10-31_0092 2014-10-31_0093 2014-10-31_0094 2014-10-31_0095

Caught this photo of them dancing through the frame at their sweetheart table… the perfect way to end this post 🙂



Be sure to leave lots of love and comments for Jackie and Matt below!


Venue: Indian Trail Club

DJ: Divine Entertainment – Keith Craig

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff

Invitations: Mixbook

Grooms Suit: Tuxedo World of Wyckoff

Cake: Belmont Bakery

Flowers: Jude Anthony Florist

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