It’s so crazy that it’s already been 8 months that we’ve been in our new home! It’s been such a blessing already and we have loved having this space to call our own 🙂 Every day I thank God for getting us to this point in our lives and never take this for granted. We’ve […]

I have always loved Valentines Day. I only celebrated my senior year with a boyfriend and actual “Valentine” but even before then, Valentines Day was always a favorite holiday of mine. I love seeing all the shades of reds, pinks and purples leading up to it and there is always a certain amount of joy […]

Today is a day I have long been looking forward to – my 30th Birthday!!! I was never someone who didn’t enjoy birthdays or found them unsettling. I LOVE celebrating my birthday and I really don’t mind getting older. (The key is you have to remind yourself that you’re not OLD – just Older!) Being […]

Could this be considered a cop-out of a post? It could. Or it could be a great way of getting to know ME! Your wedding photographer… or even your FUTURE wedding photographer. We will talk a lot in emails, LIKE each other’s posts on Instagram and Facebook and of course I’ll be there photographing you […]