Juliet & John [Kittatinny Valley State Park Newton, NJ Engagement Photographer]

Nearly 4 years ago, I had my first baby, Sofia, and my husband, who was my second photographer for the past 7 years could no longer shoot weddings with me so I needed someone new to help me on wedding days. And for the past 4 years, Juliet has been my second photographer for 95% of my wedding days! From the first time we met, we instantly clicked! I’ve watched her grow into an AMAZING photographer and she’s become a reliable and close partner on wedding days – and friend! On wedding days, we got to know each other better and talked about everything – and that’s how I first met John! lol I knew what he did for work, the shows they loved to watch together, their adorable dog Rocky (and then Maya joined the gang!), what they loved to do together and of course every year I’d ask… is this the year you guys get engaged?? And finally this past January they went on vacation to Florida together and she came back with some extra jewelry!!!

It’s SO fun photographing weddings together and asking her all about her wedding planning! And for her to then ask me if I would be her photographer!? Cue the water works!! What an incredible honor!! It was SO weird telling Juliet how to pose for photos – she’s been by my side for so long, I knew she would just know the next pose out of my mouth the whole time lol but they were PERFECT together! Juliet ALWAYS said she wanted a fall wedding and fall engagement photos. We looked long and hard for a great foliage spot and I think we nailed it 😉 THEY totally nailed it. Their outfits perfectly popped off all the leaves and colors everywhere, their dogs were so happy to be a part of the session and out at a new park – they even did great! lol We popped the champagne they were gifted when they got engaged and captured the most perfect fall sunset too! Ahh it got me SO excited for their wedding day next October!! I can’t wait!!! Juliet & John, I am SO excited for you both and SO excited to be a part of the celebrations!!! CAN’T WAIT!! Enjoy my favorite images from their engagement session 🙂

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