Nicole & Matt [Round Valley Reservation Lebanon, NJ Engagement Photographer]

I’m so excited to share today’s engagement session with you for so many reasons! If you can’t tell from the above photo, Nicole & Matt are fantastic photo takers! They’re SO genuine and can just naturally be themselves – even with a camera on them. That’s not easy! I know I am the WORST in front of the camera and so many people are uncomfortable with it, just like I am! lol If these two were uncomfortable in any way, it did NOT show! They had me smiling behind my camera the entire time!

Another reason I love this session is the location! They wanted to find something close to where we live, since we’re both in central Jersey! We scoured the internet for locations nearby and they found this spot – the Round Valley Reservation. It’s a HUGE reservation right off a highway – you’d NEVER know all this water was right on the other side hidden behind trees! I look at these photos now and I swear if I didn’t know better, I’d think these photos were taken on the west coast. The tall grass everywhere and the sun that day was all working in our favor and everywhere we went was another great spot for photos!

But the number one reason I love this session is that I LOVE these two! I always tell clients that they should hire a photographer that they feel they click with – and my gosh, did we click! I swear we spent more time talking than we did taking photos lol that sounds crazy but I swear that’s a good thing! I LOVED getting to know these two better and by the end of the night, I felt like I had two new friends in my life! And it makes me even more excited for their wedding day next September!! I can’t wait to share my favorite images from their session with you all today!! 🙂

Round Valley Reservation Clinton, NJ Engagement Photos - Tina Elizabeth Photography
Round Valley Reservation Clinton, NJ Engagement Photos - Tina Elizabeth Photography
  1. Karla Stender says:

    Wonderful and natural pictures. These are the two young people we know and love, captured as the real in-love couple they are!

  2. Lori milone says:

    Gorgeous! Matt and Nicole are definitely photographic! Now to decide which ones to buy!

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