Bess & Joe [Hoboken, NJ Engagement Photographer]

I always, ALWAYS love visiting Hoboken for engagement sessions. Each time my couples bring me some place new for photos. It’s amazing how special Hoboken is to so many people and for so many different reasons. Bess & Joe decided to start their session at the Stingray Lounge on Washington St., a cute restaurant known for their oysters – which is perfect since they both love oysters! Not only that but some fancy cocktails with a punch 😉 We then walked all over Hoboken! It was a GORGEOUS night in the city and my absolute favorite photos are the ones where you can clearly see there were tons of people everywhere – yet, these two were just in their own world the entire time 🙂 They DARED to say they were awkward getting their picture taken. I dare you to tell me they actually look awkward lol because they look the EXACT opposite. I halfway through their session legit thought they’ve been lying to me this entire time, have secrely posed for some perfume editorial before and just told me they are awkward in front of the camera so I wouldn’t find out they moonlight as models lol. I mean… they are seriously AMAZING in these photos! And as we walked around Hoboken talking about their wedding day and I kept seeing all this gorgeousness just OOZE out of them, it got me more and more excited for their wedding day this September!! Can. not. wait. For now, enjoy my favorite images from their engagement session!

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