Best of Engagements – 2017!

It’s time to look back at last year’s engagement sessions! I absolutely LOVE photographing engagement sessions – it connects me even more with my Brides and Grooms and let’s us get to know each other so much better. We walk around, we talk about wedding planning, life and (honestly) a lot of pop culture lol and we take photos in between! 🙂  It let’s them get comfortable with me taking their photo and it let’s me see what my couples are comfortable doing in front of the camera. It’s SO much fun and it FLIES by! I photographed 20 engagement sessions in 2017 and loved each and every one!

I always encourage my couples to make their engagement sessions as special as they can – whether that be with props or locations – and I feel like last year’s couples really took that to heart! They either chose locations that were super special to them or brought a prop that really showed who they are as a couple and each of them were so unique! 🙂 Oh and I photographed SO MANY dogs this year!! I counted 8 dogs at engagement sessions this year! I LOVE dogs so please, to all future TEP couples, do not hesitate to bring them along to your session! 😉 Okay! I tried to only chose one favorite from each session, so this post didn’t go on for days lol my favorites from 2017’s engagement sessions!! Enjoy! 🙂

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