TEP Behind the Scenes: 2017

Ugh god. I really don’t LOVE these posts… and at the same time, I do! It’s fun to see the zany side of what we do. Wedding photography is a beautiful art form but the behind the scenes of it? Not so much lol at least not when it comes to us as the photographers. We start the day fresh faced and ready to go and by the time portraits come around, the hair is frizzy or up in a ponytail and we are sweaty and gross looking. But the best part about our job is it’s not about the way WE look behind the camera 😉 So once a year I will put aside my pride and share these hilarious outtakes from our wedding season!

It’s a little surreal to look back at these photos and think that through more than half of it all, a little baby was growing inside of me! We photographed 2 weddings having NO idea what was in store for us and the rest was filled with so much joy! So of course there are a few of photos of me and the bump! But I mostly love these posts because it shows that we have so much fun with our couples on their wedding days! We like to joke around and stay light-hearted throughout the entire day, no matter how exhausting it can get. We LOVE this job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So yes we may look gross and sweaty and ridiculous – but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!! 🙂

It’s NOT easy commanding the attention of almost 200 people!

We CLEARLY are ready to become parents lol

I had no idea Jose took this photo in the photobooth until I was editing this wedding lol I DIED laughing when I found it out!

This looks like a nice moonlit photo of Jose… we were testing the lighting, I swear! lol

Look at that BUMP!! I’ll look back on this time in our life and think “how did I do that??” lol

Jose, the veil whisperer, strikes again!

From our first wedding this year to one of our lasts… a LOT changed! lol And to think I thought my belly was big in that photo. It only got BIGGER!!

Valentina (left) caught me by suprise when she asked for a photo with me! I was SO honored but oh my god, I look like a HOT MESS on summer wedding days lol We photographed Jackie’s (right) wedding day 3 years ago!! She was in one of our Bridal Parties last year and a guest this year, it’s always so fun seeing her!! And she just became a mama herself this year. Let’s hope I look as amazing as she does!!

These last 3 photos are my absolute favorites. My Bride’s are THE greatest. Hands DOWN. We’ve received so many gifts for our baby girl from so many of our Brides, both current and past Brides, and seeing SO many of my past Bride’s at this years weddings was so wonderful! I love ALL my Brides so much!! It’s now my goal to get as many photos with my couples and Bride’s like this next year!! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made our 2017 so wonderful!! 🙂

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