Ashley & Steve .| Skylands Manor Ringwood, NJ Engagement Photographer |.

I just LOVE summer engagement session! The gorgeous warm glow that surrounds my couples in them is so dreamy and when the couple is adorable, it’s even better I swear! Ashley & Steve are just that – absolutely adorable together 🙂 They may have been nervous but they didn’t act it one bit. They had no problem walking hand in hand, snuggling and getting nose to nose – which is even more impressive considering how HOT it was the day we took their photos! Nope, they nailed it! They are such naturals in front of the camera. Maybe it’s because they love each other THAT much, they don’t mind being lovey dovey one bit in front of the camera? That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it 😉

Ashley & Steve were one of the first couples that booked me for 2017 and here we are, only a few months away from their wedding day! It felt SO far away when we first met in 2015 (my god, is that RIGHT!?) But that’s exactly why they booked me so far in advance – they wanted to enjoy their engagement, not feel rushed and take their time planning everything 🙂 With their wedding day now just 3 months away, they are feeling pretty good about their wedding plans and didn’t mind taking a day off in the middle of it for their engagement photos. We had planned to do these many times before but life just got in the way, as it tends to do! But it was worth the wait and I’m so glad we ended up having a PERFECT day weather wise. What’s even more incredible is there weren’t too many other people at the gorgeous Skylands Manor that day and in the end, it really felt like we were the only ones there.

I loved that they brought two very important props with them – one was a bottle of champagne which, uhm HELLO!! I LOVE them even more now. I was really impressed with how much Steve loves champagne, that’s RARE for a guy to love champagne but he didn’t mind sipping that bubbly one bit 🙂 And honestly, the photos with the champagne are some of the cutest of them together. Their other important prop is a special New Jersey Devil’s jersey Steve wore! It’ll be an important part of their wedding day and the Devils are an important part of their lives! Steve LOVES hockey and LOVES the NJ Devils so we HAD to get photos of them showing off their love for the team. I’m so glad they didn’t mind wearing these thick Jerseys on such a hot day because those photos of them are SO cute and honestly, Steve’s face looks SO happy in them!! lol I think this may have been his favorite part of the session 😉

These photos are SO fun and I’m so excited to share my favorites with you today!! Ashley & Steve, I hope you love them and I can’t WAIT to see you guys again on the other side of my camera in October!! 🙂


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