Jennifer & Mike [Brooklake Country Club Florham Park, NJ Wedding Photographer]


How crazy is it that BOTH our back-to-back April weddings this year were at the same venue, the lovely Brooklake Country Club?? That was a major plus for us when it came to Jennifer & Mike’s wedding day! The good news was we were super familiar with their venue and the way things worked there so we knew exactly what to expect and where to go and it made the flow of the day go even better for us. My thing, as a creative, is I NEVER want to photograph any wedding the exact same way – ESPECIALLY when they’re at a venue I’ve already shot at. I always try to do things differently from the last time and keep things fresh and I’m SO in love with everything we captured for Jennifer & Mike’s wedding day. Their portraits were for the most part right down by where the golfers play and it was full of gorgeous trees and plants that luckily all bloomed in time for their wedding day! It was so green and lush around them.. I was SO happy about that! You never know what you’re going to get with an April wedding but it was a perfect day. No rain, plenty of sunshine and even WARM! The sun started to set right as they held their sweet ceremony outside and my gosh… what a view to have behind you as you become husband and wife! It was so breathtaking! Wait until you see that ceremony spot!

I will always look back fondly on Jenn & Mike’s wedding day and remember it for being so bright and sunny all day long. It’s hard to imagine this was an April wedding day and not a hot summer day in June! They also chose the prettiest wedding colors! The gorgeous pops of yellow and navy throughout their wedding day tied together perfectly, from the navy ribbons on their wedding cake (that smelled DELICIOUS by the way! Seriously… when we stood next to it taking photos of the cake, you could SMELL it and it smelled so yummy!) to the bold and beautiful yellow Calla lily’s the girls carried around as bouquets and the guys rocked as their boutonnieres. Such pretty flowers – and it was the most stunning backdrop for one of my favorite ring shots of the day! But the absolute best part of the day was just watching Jennifer & Mike together. They’re so sweet together… anytime I had Jenn look at me then look back at Mike, they’d both say “hi” to each other and it was SO cute! Every time. Those little sweet moments melt my heart. Those are the little moments to always cherish and that’s what I’ll remember… the little hi’s everytime their eyes met and the smiles that formed right after 🙂 Get ready to relive their sweet wedding day!

Jenn & Mike, we can’t thank you enough for letting us be apart of your amazing wedding day and treating us like a part of the family all day long! We had a blast with you, your bridal party, your family and your guests and hope your wedding day was everything you wanted and more. Enjoy some of my favorite images from their beautiful wedding day!! 🙂

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Venue – Brooklake Country Club | DJs – Ambient DJ | Florist – Conroy’s Florist | Invitations – Wedding Paper Divas | Groom’s Suit – Black Lapel | Cake Baker – La Promenade | Cake Topper – PSWeddingsandevents | Bride’s Shoes – Badgley Mischka| Programs – Zazzle | Various Paper Sings – Paper Oak Studio

  1. A beautiful set of images of a beautiful couple! Congrats Jenn and Mike… and thank you Tina Elizabeth Photography for mentioning us in your blog. As DJs, we were delighted by the abundance of fun-loving dancing guests!

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