We Bought a House!!


My gosh… I have been waiting to write this post FOREVER. After deciding when we moved in together for the first time back in 2008 that we definitely wanted to own a house one day… then TRYING to buying a house and SAVING for a house and paying off ALL our debt to buy a house in the past 2 years… everything has finally come together and we did it!! We DID it. Jose and I finally have purchased our first home together!

We have looked EVERYWHERE over the past 4 years for a house. Morris County, Monmouth, Bergen.. all over New Jersey! But it turns out the house that was meant for us is in South Plainfield in Middlesex County! It’s funny… it’s not the cutest house on the block. In fact, it had an AWFUL plaid rug in the living room and it still has an old kitchen with blue counters and knobs. It’s a fixer upper for sure. And for years we thought a fixer upper is NOT what we wanted. But after we saw this house, we had a change of heart. We LOVED this house and were up for the challenge! But after looking at maybe 50 houses before that, we KNEW the day we saw it that we wanted to put an offer in. Once we put our offer in we found out TWO other people had put an offer in. UGH. We felt so defeated already but remained optimistic and sure enough, ours was the offer they accepted!! This was back at the end of February and finally on April 15th, we closed on our adorable little 3 bedroom home! We still haven’t moved in yet (we’re planning on moving this weekend, once they’re all done ripping up that ugly carpet all over and we have some gorgeous new hardwood floors) so it still doesn’t 100% feel real. Did we really just buy a house?? But then I look at the million boxes surrounding me and remember… IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 🙂


This past Friday after we closed, we went straight to the liquor store and bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate in the new house! We called our family, we hugged and we cried… we couldn’t believe we finally did it. We have been talking about this forever. This has been our biggest dream… and now it’s ours! It’s here! Wow wow wow. SO crazy. I love this house and can’t wait to host holiday parties, barbecues, water the front lawn, shovel the snow, change the light bulbs… DO all that comes with buying a house. It’s all we’ve ever wanted! 🙂 And I can’t wait to share our house with all of YOU!! I’ll be sharing a lot more of our home on the blog as we slowly get it together because I LOVE decorating just as much as I love photography and it’s a serious passion of mine so stay tuned for lots of house posts and photos shared on Instagram.

Oh! and wanna see an awful photo of our house from the Realtor? Here it is! It’s so cute though! Those potted plants are all gone now, the bushes have filled up a bit and I can’t wait to paint over those burnt orange shutters one day!! 😉


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