Jennifer & Joe [Brooklake Country Club Florham Park, NJ Wedding Photographer]


Jennifer & Joe were my very last engagement session that I shot of 2015 and my very first wedding of 2016! It was so fun to see them only a few short months later but this time, we had a wedding to go to ๐Ÿ™‚ The BEST part about their day was the weather. All week long the weather app didn’t budge showing that it was going to rain on their wedding day and then noon came and the weather did a complete 180! Instead, I actually got a bit of a sunburn! Trust me – for an early April wedding, that’s a wonderful problem to have! I’m SO happy the weather cooperated and ended up being all Jen & Joe could ever ask for! Blue skies and sunshine!

I loved the details of their day. Their wedding colors were a sprinkling of ivory, champagne and gold and that color theme was everywhere, from their invitations and menus to the bridesmaids dresses. The girls all looked flawless, carrying with them cutest little bouquets. Of course, the guys all looked so dashing as well! Joe had TEN groomsmen – which is a lot but it also says a lot. These two are SO loved, not only by their family but their sweet friends who were in high spirits all day and cheering them on every second they could.ย  Even their adorable flower girls and ring bearer couldn’t stop smiling (and they both couldn’t stop taking photos of them on their own cameras! They were the cutest!) Their wedding day seriously flew by! Before we knew it we were all done with portraits (thank god they chose a first look, it got cold and rainy!). The sun had set, guests had started to arrive, the champagne was flowing and it was finally time for them to become husband and wife. Their ceremony was so emotional and filled with so many beautiful traditions, from the lighting of the unity candle to the blessing of the wine and of course, the breaking of the glass. (Joe NAILED it!)

Jen may love ONE thing more than Joe and that is her sweet cat, Floyd. (he made an appearance at their engagement session, remember??) But Floyd’s presence was everywhere… he was sitting on the top of their wedding cake in the cutest cake topper EVER and their wedding hashtag was all about Floyd too! (#floydgetsadad!) I LOVED that! Once their reception came, it was time to party and people were so ready to dance. That dance floor was NEVER empty. All there to celebrate Jen & Joe’s love & happiness ๐Ÿ™‚ Jose and I had the BEST time capturing their wedding day and could not believe how FAST it flew by!!

Jen & Joe – Jose and I wish you a lifetime of love and joy together! Your wedding day was so beautiful and we are so honored to have been a part of your big day. Enjoy a look at our favorite images from their wedding day! And be sure to leave them some love in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

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Venue: Brooklake Country Club | Florist: Floral Expressions | DJ: Elegant Ensembles | Videographer: Triple J Productions | Invitations: Candice Londino | Grooms Suit: Men’s Wearhouse |Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale | Cake Baker: La Promenade | Cake Topper: Amazon | Brideโ€™s Shoes: BCBG | | Make Up Artist: Tina Casale | Hair Stylist: Christina DiMaio | Programs/Menus: WeddingsbyJanieV | Mazel Skullcap – Kippah | Ketubah – MP Artworks

  1. Jen & joe says:

    Thank you Tina this pictures are absolutely amazing!!! We can’t stop looking at them!!!
    I am so thankful we me you and Jose and that you spent the day with us!!!

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