Sometimes, you can meet the love of your life in the unlikeliest of places! Christie & Alex met at their job.. a temporary job at Victoria’s Secret! They immediately hit it off, began dating and well, you know the rest 😉 They’ve been together for so long and even have their adorable dog together, up […]

After 11 years together, Jessica & Daniel are finally MARRIED!! Here’s a fun little fact… these two had a small chapel ceremony a few days before their wedding at Liberty House! So technically, they’ve BEEN married 😉 This day could not have been more beautiful! They of course were married on the very last HOT […]

Maureen & Sal’s wedding day at the classic Thayer Hotel in West Point was such a special day! These two have known each other for years! They met at work and became friends. Eventually, they became closer friends and soon enough, they fell in love with each other! Sal is from Queens, New York and […]

The beauty of a wedding day is it’s wonderful unpredictability. You never know what will happen on a wedding day and when you really think about it, that can be a little nerve-wracking. But after all, is said and done, you realize that maybe that’s EXACTLY how things were meant to happen! That’s how it […]