Last week’s blog post for my Bride’s was all about leaving enough time throughout their wedding day for us photographers to take all of their portraits. But what happens when the couple don’t have 2 hours of time set aside for their portraits? It happens! We’ve been there many times and we’ve still been able […]

5 years ago, owning my own photography business was nothing but a pipe dream. I was SO far from every step I needed to take to create a business, let alone make enough money in it so that I could quit my full-time job and officially call myself a photographer. It is not easy and […]

Oooh I am SO excited about this post! There is a lot of stress in talking about the “business” side of a business… you know, money and finances and taxes. BLEH. But than there is the fun of the business that I can talk about for days! Like albums, social media and equipment. What is […]

I have only been to a Photography Conference once! It was right in the beginning of my start as a photographer all the way back in 2012. It was a super small conference right in New Jersey, sponsored by my favorite camera store Unique Photo and we took away a lot from it! I really […]