Lisha & Andrew [Seton Hall University & Oakeside Mansion Bloomfield, NJ Wedding Photographer]


This is what I love on a wedding day. I love when two people are SO excited about getting married… they’re almost a little flustered that morning. I love when they share a First Look, mostly because they don’t want to ugly cry during the ceremony – and somehow it STILL happens! I love when everyone around them is so happy for them, they can’t stop complimenting them or cheering them on. I love when a Bride & Groom are so relaxed and happy on a wedding day, when we’ve got a break in the day, why not spend it at their favorite local bar? I LOVE when the Bride walks down the aisle not only are their sniffles from the Bride and the Groom but literally EVERYONE else surrounding them. This all sums up Lisha and Andrew’s wedding day in a nutshell. The energy and good vibes were so strong all day long, it was contagious! When we took their portraits at Oakeside Mansion, that sits on a busy street, car after car after car would drive by and beep at them. Even STRANGERS felt the good vibes as they drove by! lol Between them and their bridal party… everyone was amped up for this wedding day! And these two are so loved by friends and family, EVERYONE was pitching in to help in any way they could! Whether it was Lisha’s Aunt making ALL the flowers for their wedding day (Wow! so beautiful!) or Andrew’s sister, Katie, helping US coral family for portraits – everyone wanted to help them making their day more enjoyable and more beautiful 🙂 Their was also so much emotion. The emotions were running high. Andrew & Lisha both knew they would cry when they saw each other and sure enough they did… but they also hugged each other so tightly. They were FINALLY going to be husband and wife. Their cake topper and first dance song nailed it… “At Last” it was all happening!!

There were so many wonderful moments from Lisha and Andrew’s wedding day, it’s hard to pick a favorite! Was it there emotional and sweet First Look?? Yeah, that was a great one! Was it when in the middle of family portraits the Seton Hall Mascot (it is after all their Alma Mater AND where they met!) showed up and stole the show? That was a pretty great moment! Was it there endearing parent dances that had everyone in tears and overjoyed smiles?? Oh yeah, that was a great moment! Or when their entire dance floor was PACKED with people dancing and screaming the words to “Living on a Prayer”? Jose and I heard that song the next dance and immediately laughed thinking of that great moment! SO many amazing moments throughout their beautiful wedding day. But nothing beat watching Lisha walk down the aisle on the arm of her father towards her husband-to-be, Andrew, and the smiles that were radiating off their faces. The moment that the whole wedding day is centered around… the ceremony! It’s the most important part of the day and theirs was filled with so many wonderful traditions, a lot from Lisha’s Filipino background. One of the traditions is a veil and cord is wrapped around the Bride & Groom from their sponsors to signify the clothing of the two becoming one and everlasting fidelity. Lisha and Andrew were wrapped in the same veil and cord that her parents used on their own wedding day nearly 30 years ago! How wonderful is that? It makes this custom even more special 🙂 I love traditions like that, that have such a deeper meaning behind them then there already is. So so special!

And their portraits! Oh my… I could have taken their photos all day long! I quickly remembered from their engagement session just how cute these two are together. They naturally pose themselves and I literally just stand them capturing them as they are! They are NATURALS in front of the camera and they never got sick of taking photos, which made it even more fun! We found so many wonderful spots for photos, especially at the reception venue Oakeside Mansion. One minute it felt like we were down south standing in front of this gorgeous, huge mansion and then another minute later it felt like we had stumbled into a secret garden! Their portraits are SO dreamy, I was literally jumping up and down every time I looked at the back of my camera 🙂 They were so giddy all day long and it made US just as giddy to take all their photos! It was just such a fun wedding day and we had the best time capturing it and I can not wait to share my favorite images from their day!! (I know, I say this about ALL my weddings but it’s not my fault I have the best couples to work with! lol)

Lisha and Andrew – we are SO happy for you both!! Your wedding day was so beautiful and we wish you nothing but endless joy and happiness! Hope you’re having an amazing time in Aruba and we MUST have a Cowan’s date to chat about all things Captain America when you’re back! 😉 Enjoy!

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Ceremony – Seton Hall University | Venue – Oakeside Mansion | DJs – Mystical Entertainment | Flowers & Centerpieces – All done by the Bride’s Aunt! | Wedding Dress – Stella York | Groom’s Suit: Jos. A Bank | Cake Topper – P.S. Weddings and Events | Bride’s Shoes: Michael Kors | Various Wedding Signs – Paper Oak Studio | Bridesmaids Dresses – David’s Bridal | Hair Stylist – Hair Ambition | Programs – DIY | Make-up: Danica & Irene Beauty Concepts

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